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Cloud Gaming is the HOTTEST thing to hit PC Gaming in Years! It allows you not only to experience exactly as if you were on a high end gaming machine even though you are on a low end out dated rig BUT it will also allow you to play on any tablet or android device!
On my old PC I was able to play 7 Days to Die, Conan Exiles and Atlas ALL on Ultra WHILE streaming and held near MAX FPS! It is impossible to tell that you are actually streaming the game on your PC or Device and playing it on a remote Super PC!

The prices range greatly BUT NVIDIA just released GeForce Now which I participated in the Beta.
You can choose the free version that limits your play to 1 hour per day or you can get into the Founders Deal which if you sign up for will cost you only $4.99 per month for one year before going up to normal price PLUS you get 90 days FREE before the year starts! You are billed monthly after 90 days and I do think that you are locked in to the year BUT if you stop paying you can not get the 4.99 deal anymore.
Other Platforms like Shadow have specials that you can get it for $12.99 per month but only if you pay 12 months at a time with month to month pay to be around $24.99.

From everything I read I understood GeForce Now and Shadow being the two best out there with unlimited play on their premium accounts and top end Graffics.
Shadow boasts that you are playing on a $3000.00 gaming PC that is constantly upgraded with the latest technology. It is rumored that GeForce Now uses NVIDIE's top end GFX card which sells for about $6000.00.
I can not say if these things are accurate but I can say that the Game Play is incredible

*EDIT* Some games will show exactly what card you are using in the Options. Ge Force Now is currently running on a Tesla P40 which is about a $7000.00 card!!!!!!

The only thing that MAY keep you from gaming like this is your own Internet Speed. GeForce Now has a speed test that you take BEFORE you get it to make sure it will work for you and Shadow ONLY allows their product to be used in areas that have internet speeds that support Cloud Gaming.

Well worth a try!

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