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Advancement and Rank


DbD Gaming is a Multi-Game Gaming Community and Ranks travel across games. This is a break down of our Ranks and the duties assigned to them.

  • Member - May add other members to Guild or Clan
  • Officer - May Add Members to Guild or Clan. May promote Initiates to Member. May be assigned special duties such as organizing Events, Dungeons, Raids or PvP Games. Should be available and willing to assist members in game, on the DbD Forum and on the DbD designated Voice Comms.
  • Senior Officer - All of duties listed above as well as the ability to promote members to officers and additional duties set forth by the Guild or Clan Master such as access to all Bank Tabs, Bankers and Currency and so on.
  • Guild or Clan Master - The highest ranking member with the most time in DbD that wants to take the position. Most want nothing to do with it!

To be promoted to the position of Officer you must ask ask to do so. We just do not assign it as it does come with some extra work. In some cases there may be an application. In all cases Officers are required to be active in our Forums and be available on Voice Comms while they are in game.

Officers that have held rank for one year may be promoted to Senior Officer if approved by existing Senior Officers.


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